Founded on March 23, 1985, the Gamma Kappa chapter of Phi Gamma Delta has sought only the best of men to join its ranks at the Colorado School of Mines.

What follows is a brief history of the Gamma Kappa chapter, though much maybe hearsay.

Shortly after, or during, the founding of the chapter the basement floor of Randall hall was requisitioned as a place of Fiji congregation. This lasted until the acquisition of 1112 18th street, which became the home of many generations of Fijis. This house was the beginning of many grand adventures and only “occasional” pranks. Here was the adoption of the President’s dog first conceived and Buster was added, for a time, to the chapter composites. Other plans of genius would also occur in this humble, and some what abused, dwelling place (it wasn’t our fault, the Rugby team had it before us).

Among the ideas generated in our first home were the construction of the first and second Gumby, a game occasionally called “Fiji-ball,” in polite company, at least one ten-foot shaft to hell, and the infamous ceiling-press. Many-a-window, only the small ones, were broken (our composites are robust), occasionally some furniture, some ribs, an ankle… There were more positive times, such as the introduction of Shram, the ever popular scare-the-heck-out-of-the-kids-night (Nightmare on Greek Street), the collection of cardboard boxes for the Halloween Carnival, the late-night construction of Homecoming Floats, Ribbon-Tying, and Monday night dinners. Through it all the chapter continued to expand and shrink, but carrying forward.

Then came the time when our little house could no longer contain us, and we managed to convince someone to build us a different house, but these two facts are in no way related. In the fall of 2001 the chapter moved to its rightful place on Greek Street, the top of the hill at 1803 West Campus Road (we tried for 1848 but they would let us change the city’s address plans/codes). Many things changed here there was room for twenty-five Brothers to live in the house, it was two stories, had a balcony, concrete floors, ten-foot ceilings, an integrated fire alarm system but no hood over the stove. It is at this point that several things come to mind, the capture and destruction of “evil” Gumby, the installation of multiple stained-glass widows and decoration, the addition of an actual study room.

Here your chapter dwells growing ever brighter, ever changing, but always home.

For now there is little mention of the Brothers involved, this is because those writing this have experienced only a small window of the history that is Gamma Kappa and feel it would be unfair to reference so few amongst so many and so a solution has been found.

This page is dedicated to the history of the Gamma Kappa chapter, but as an institution which houses Brothers there is no greater history than that of those whole lived it. As one of those responsible for the history section of this site we can think of no greater way to portray the history of our chapter than with the tales told by those who lived it.

With this in mind send us your stories, after all much has probably been forgotten that should not have been forgotten. So remind us of times gone by, correct us of the mistakes above, and always Pergé!